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Covenant Enforcement Policy Added 10/30/2017 under Laws

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4 thoughts on “Covenant Enforcement Policy Added 10/30/2017 under Laws

  1. Patrick Iovine on said:

    Regarding this new policy:
    It is unclear how the Board of Directors plan to deal with the many covenant violations that have existed for years.
    It is unclear how the Board of Directors have not complied with a settlement agreement dated July 29, 2008 in which they were given 120 days “to address known or apparent covenant violations…and take actions deemed necessary to effect compliance”.
    It is unclear why the Board of Directors has ignored known covenant violation brought to their attention back in July 2015. A few of those violations are as followed: properties with four car garages; properties with detached garages and structures; properties with multiple RVs on their property; properties with non-operative vehicles parked outside their properties; home owners who do not use their garages for their vehicle storage; non-designated horse property that have outbuildings on their property; individuals who use their home as businesses, etc.  
    This new policy is nothing “new”. It has always been the Board of Directors responsibility to enforce the covenants. It is unclear why they have chosen not to follow through with their responsibilities over the years and have “selectively” chosen what violations to ignore and which to enforce.
    We are requesting a list of covenant violations the Board of Directors are working on at this time so we may add to that list if necessary.
    Due to the many building violations listed above, it is not an option to “grandfather” these violations into the covenants as they were never permitted in any previous covenant. The only option for the Board of Directors is to rewrite the covenants which would include the current building violations as permissible for all homeowners.
    Thank You

  2. Patrick Iovine on said:

    I submitted a comment on this new policy that is awaiting moderation. If it is not posted to the website then please send me a list of names and addresses of all home owners and property owners within this subdivision ASAP. Thank you

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