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Ice Cream Social

There will be an Ice Cream Social on July 25th from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. at the home of Ron Billingsly. Please call Ron at 466-8909 to let him know if you plan to attend.

Newsletter Summer 2015

TCHA newsletter summer 2015

Galisteo Wave from Tierra Colinas



2015 HOA Board meeting schedule

We have the Eldorado Community Center Board Room reserved for:
March 10
May 12
July 14
September 8
November 10th
We usually begin meetings at 5:30.

All residents are welcome.

Hard Wired High Speed Internet??!!!

Hello All,

Just wanted everyone living in the area to know that there is a petition drive in process to approach Century Link regarding providing internet service to our community. Roberto in Tierra Colinas is working with Jim Williamson, Director of Consumer Relations, New Mexico Public Regulation Commission to approach Century Link about extending their service area to our are.hey already provide service to the other side of 285. The suggestion was to get as many signatures on petitions as possible and then Jim Williamson will approach Century Link with our request. Internet service would be much faster than we now have available and not much more expensive than we are now paying. Signing the petition does not obligate anyone to buy the service, it just provides the documentation necessary to proceed with the request. They will not accept electronic signatures, they must be originals . Roberto will have a table at the Tierra Colinas annual meeting on the 28th so signatures can be collected there. I have a petition as does Roberto and Smokey Daniels. We will be out and about on Sunday collecting signatures and will bring one to your home if you prefer. My phone number is xxx-xxxx, Roberto’s phone is xxx-xxxx, and Smokey’s is xxx-xxxx . We hope to collect enough signatures in the next week or so to get the process started.

Thanks for considering whether or not you want to add your name to the list.

Happy New year !

Beth Prothro

Tierra Colinas Home Owners Association Board Meeting Tuesday 9.10.13 5:30pm Eldorado Community Center

Board meeting rescheduled for Tuesday the 16th

We didn’t have a quorum at last weeks meeting, so it was rescheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday, at the Eldorado Community Center Conference Room.
Sorry, my sign was blown out of the bulletin board this weekend.
We will be discussing covenant enforcement procedures and Spur Ranch Rd.
It appears that resurfacing for Spur Ranch has been pushed back again. The contractor is now trying for October or November.

5 minutes of rain and the cholla have enough water to bloom


STAGE 1 Water Restrictions Imposed

Stage 1 Water Restrictions include the following:
• No new in-ground planting of any kind.
• Outdoor watering is restricted to TWO days per week.
• Homes with odd-numbered addresses are permitted to water on Tuesday and Saturday
• Homes with even-numbered addresses are permitted to water on Thursday and Sunday
• No outdoor watering can take place between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.
• Washing of hard outdoor surfaces such as driveways, patios and sidewalks is prohibited.
• Only re-circulating outdoor water features and hot tubs are allowed.
• Animals may be bathed outdoors.

The Eldorado Area Water and Sanitation District (EAWSD) has imposed water restrictions on its customers that began on May 22. Drought conditions over the past two years have reduced EAWSD’s water production capacity, most notably due to the inability to pump water from two wells in the Galisteo Creek Alluvium. This loss of pumping capacity and the increase in water demand associated with summer months is placing burdens on the water system to meet the increasing demand, according to a statement issued by EAWSD.


Rattlesnake in your yard? Red Racer in your garage?

You can call the Wildlife Center 505-753-9505.

The Wildlife Center has a network of people who are trained to handle and remove both venomous and non-venomos snakes.

One of these people is a member of the TCHOA Board!

When you call the Wildlife Center they will begin contacting the people in their snake removal network until they find someone nearby and available to remove the snake.

Remember, for the most part, we want snakes around to eat disease-carrying rodents. Just maybe not rattlers and maybe not sunning themselves outside our front door.

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